Virgin Atlantic Airways Leadership Style

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The leadership approach shapes the organisational structure and effects the business culture. Consequently, the analysis of the leadership style at the Virgin Atlantic Airways clearly reflects the contemporary leadership transformational theory.
Action-oriented chairman reached high employees’ commitment by applying family atmosphere and generous reward system in the company. Therefore, obviously, that Branson wants the employees to bring the personalised attitude to clients. The persuasive influencer spread the entrepreneurial spirit in various management levels within Virgin airlines, stimulates innovations across the business.
3. Pro/Cons of the Contemporary Leadership Theories
In the 21st century, the issue of Transformational versus Transactional leadership theories remains controversial. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of contemporary
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Beyond disputes, the persuasive influencer, chairman Richard Branson takes a pivotal role in corporate leadership strategy. The profound understanding of employees, interaction on a personal level, elevates the business.
Overall, managers dedicated help their subordinates to succeed, provide the constructive feedback, which is an essential part of the Virgin’s corporate culture.
The transformational leadership lessons, which are possible to learn from the Virgin Atlantic Airways venture: disruptive rethinking of business strategy; people are the major asset of the business, have to be treated respectively; to transform ideas into constant innovations.
Analysing the array of attributes of the leadership theories, indeed, it is logical to conclude that trust and transparency are crucial elements of building a sustainable business in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous). (Bennett and Lemoine, 2014; Cook, 2016; Hayes,
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