Virgin Atlantic Strategic Analysis

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Virgin Atlantic is one of the Virgin’s company founded by Richard Branson. Virgin Atlantic was established in 1984. The airline operates based in London’s Heathrow and Gatwick Airport in the United Kingdom. It is now the second largest long distance airline in the UK. Virgin Atlantic operates almost 38 aircraft in its fleet, with more than 9000 employees worldwide, and approximately 58m passengers. In such complex industry, Virgin Atlantic appears to have been more successfully in building a high level of brand recognition. Virgin Atlantic’s mission is to grow a profitable airline, where people love to fly and where people love to work. It’s main objective is to improve the quality service to the travelers. In order to achieve the organizational…show more content…
Information technologies play a crucial role to empower the staff and enhance their contributions to the company. It not only enhances the communication among managers and employees, yet it also stimulate the training programs for staff. The managers have a real focus on training even though the airline industry is having thin profits to ensure the employees have the skills needed to be able to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations. For example, in the year of 2008, Virgin Atlantic has approached Hr & Training solutions program to improve their employees. It provides an effective way for Virgin Atlantic to improve their performance that allows them to deliver the best result possible. Besides, the managers practice transformational leadership style. When human resources are used as a tool, the managers will assist their employees to adapt to changes. The managers emphasize on the independence of the employees. They give their employees autonomy to make their own decisions and gave them the mean to implement them; yet, they pay a great deal of attention to overhead and cost levels at the same time. The managers also implement both motivational, such as achievement as well as the hygiene, such as working conditions factors to increase the motivation and satisfaction of the employees in order to work more…show more content…
The managers in Virgin Atlantic want feedback from the employees. In such open culture, taking suggestions, feedbacks, or even criticisms helps the managers to improve things. For example, the suggestions of serving ice cream as a snack from the employee was implemented.

Conclusion In conclusion, the four management functions have always been important in every company. The managers have managed the employees to work towards the mission of the company, which is ‘where people love to work’. The employees enjoy going to work The managers in Virgin Atlantic has performed the four management functions well to manage its employees in order to develop the company into a successful brand in the airline

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