Virginia Henderson Theory In Nursing

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Virginia Henderson Theory used Today Virginia Henderson is one of many nursing theorists who changed the nursing profession. Henderson’s theory was considered a “needs” theory (Ahtisham& Jacoline, 2015). It was considered a needs theory because the primary focus was on the patient and the 14 fundamentals needs of the patient to aid in recovery. A nurse taking care of a patient with dementia will utilize Virginia Henderson’s theory in his or her practice by assessing the patient while making a connection with that patient, involving the patient and family to help maintain current health status, providing an environment that will provide safety and security, and using the 14 fundamental needs to guide the nursing process that is being…show more content…
Nurses today are still making sure that the same needs are being met in patient…show more content…
The 14 fundamental needs are what guide the nursing process which nursing use to guide their care plan. Virginia Henderson theory separated the nursing care from the medical care because she wanted to focus on the patient as a whole (Blais& Hayes, 2016). The nurse who is caring for a patient with dementia will determine if the patient is capable of doing any of the needs on his or her own, will need the nurse to guide them with these needs or to take full responsibility for the patient to reach all of the 14 fundamental needs. The nurse is coming up with a plan of care for the patient and basing it on what Virginia Henderson believes a nurse’s role for the nurse should be. Which is the nurse will take full responsibility for the patient needs, or offering assistance to the patient while they are no longer able to do independently and working with the patient to promote independence (Ahtisham& Jacoline,
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