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The VHSL(The Virginia High School League) is highly disliked by many school districts and people. In this article,people are not on board with the one man policy, one vote which helps schools with having a say in school changes. They believe that the system is not structured to help the schools make decision that could affect them as well. The schools want to pass a law that gives them more of a voice when it comes to the school rules and regulations. If the bill does get passed, it would change the voting structure for all schools in the future.

There are many government vocabulary that can be connected to this article specifically. One example that comes to mind is reapportionment. Reapportionment means the act of redistributing or changing
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I believe that everyone deserves to have a say in any situation. In these types of scenarios, everyone is not treated equal. In the article one person says” I don’t see where having multiple votes is going to change that or impact that,”(Pg.2.Par.5) This is one example that i believe with. Having more people vote would not harm the system that they already have. Having this “one person, one principal”(Pg.4 Par.1) does not make everyone equal, especially the schools with more people than others. When everyone is not given a chance, it begins to create a more flawed system which can lead to disaster.

In conclusion, having this law passed could help all in the future. Equality is something that everyone deserves to have in their life. The VHSL is not giving the people what they believe is right and they are then creating a crack in the system. Schools that are at a disadvantage are in a bad place because of the fact that not everyone in that school will have the opportunity to vote. With all these factors and facts together, passing the bill will benefit everyone and will help make more efficient decision making process and there will no longer be this divide between the VHSL and the

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