Virginia Is Not A New Paradise Analysis

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The article Virginia Is an Abundant New Paradise and Virginia Is Not a New Paradise both are written by colonist that came from the Old World, but they also both came from completely different lives. The very small amount of people fortunate to be wealthy will live amazing lives. For the majority of the colonists, Richard Ffrethorne’s letter home will be a more accurate representation of what their lives will turn out to be like. Those lives being filled with terrible sickness, disease and days of hard labor in bad environments for little to no food. Many people who came to find a better life in the Colonies quickly caught sickness and diseases. Those unlucky colonist’s new lives were cut short by suffering. Virginia Is Not a New Paradise which was written by Richard Ffrethorne, an English serf that…show more content…
The rich colonist just go and buy their food which allows them to stay full. Alexander Whitaker, a minister who had an easy life in both the new and old world, states in the article Virginia Is an Abundant New Paradise, “ Many have died with us heretofore through their own filthiness and want of bodily comforts for sick men…” (Dudley 13). Alexander Whitaker is explaining that only the rich and prosperous will survive unravaged by disease and sickness while if the colonist was a normal man he would living in a world of disease and filth. After reading these two articles, Virginia Is an Abundant New Paradise and Virginia Is Not a New Paradise, Virginia is worse for the majority of colonist because of the tremendous amount of disease and sickness spreading throughout the colony. The limited amount of food available to the normal colonist for the hard labor completed is also enough to drive anyone away. Virginia is only a paradise to the rich, which does not say anything because the rich can make any place a
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