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Virginia Military Institute opened its doors in 1839 as a public senior military college in Lexington, Virginia. It has a selective admission rate with under 2,000 students. The Latin motto is “In pace decus, in bello prasesidum”. In English, this translates to, “In peace a glorious asset, in war a tower of strength”.
This is the oldest institute of its class within the United States and it has kept with all of its founding principles. The only people enrolled into the school are military cadets and they only offer baccalaureate degrees.
The mascot for VMI, or Virginia Military Institute, is Moe the kangaroo and the school colors are yellow, white, and red. VMI remains faithful to its state, as it tries to make sure that the majority of their cadets come from the state of Virginia. In fact, no more
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This includes military organizations, performance and musical groups, service groups, religious organizations, and recreational activities. There is also 16 different sports teams that the cadets can take advantage of.
The graduates of Virginia Military Institute generally find a lot of success. On average, 97 percent of graduates go on to serve in the armed forces, become fully employed, or move on to professional or graduate schools within 4 months of graduation. It is easy to see that the success rate is something that many people desire to be a part of so that they can get a head start on life.
There have been a lot of notable alumni of Virginia Military Institute. Some of those people include U.S. Army brigadier general Douglas J. Ewing, North Carolina superior court judge James U. Downs, World War II Major General Samuel C. Cumming, Pony Express founder Benjamin Franklin Ficklin, Virginia Senator Harry F. Byrd, Jr, television and movie actor Dabney Coleman, U.S. Senator Charles Allen Culberson, Deputy Commander William A. Brown, and U.S. Army Commander Edward M.

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