Elvis Pigsley Short Story

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One day on the Pigsley farm, Mr. Pigsley’s pig, Patricia Pigsley had a litter of piglets. The last piglet to be born was the smallest of the litter. Mr. Pigsley loved this piglet and decided to name him Elvis Pigsley. Patricia loved little Elvis and would always sing him to sleep every night. This would be the beginning of little Elvis Pigsley’s love of music. As Elvis Pigsley grew up, Mr. Pigsley realized he was a special little piglet. Elvis didn’t like to roll around in the mud like all his brothers and sisters and he especially didn’t like to eat the slop. Mr. Pigsley would feed Elvis his own bucket of grains each night and he had a special bed made for Elvis so he wouldn’t have to sleep in the mud. Elvis became a teenager and he realized that the barn life…show more content…
Yah know what I have a friend here in the city that is a music producer.” “What is a music producer?” Elvis asked. “A music producer is someone who helps artists like you make their music!” “WOW!” Elvis exclaimed. The next day they went to see the man’s friend Harvey who was in his studio. Elvis introduced himself and Harvey asked him what made his music so special that the whole world needed to hear it. Elvis explained “Much of my music comes from the heart. I want to share with the world the beauty of heart felt music.” “That was deep man.” Harvey said. Elvis played some tunes for Harvey and he was shocked at how well Elvis played. Harvey told Elvis “You are one talented pig, yah know that? I’m going to help you make a record for everyone to hear!” said Harvey. Harvey helped Elvis spread him music to all the world for them to hear. Elvis’s dream had come true! He couldn’t be any happier and now Elvis is known all over the world for his beautiful

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