Virginia Tech Massacre Research Paper

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April 16, 2007, started as a normal day. Virginia Tech students rushed to their classrooms to avoid being late, but little did they know the tragedy that was going to take place that dreadful day. Shortly after 10:00am 32 students lives had been taken by one of their fellow classmates. After the shooter ruthlessly shot and killed each one, he took his own life. April 16 will forever be recognized as a day of mourning and remembrance, but also as a day where we come together as a nation and overcome the defying odds we were left with. The shooter was eventually addressed as Seung-Hui Cho. Cho originated from Seoul, South Korea, where his father, mother and sister lived until he was eight years old. Cho’s family then moved from South Korea to Centreville Virginia in hopes that a new environment would help Cho open up, because he always seemed to be shy, even as a child (Worth 20). Cho was also bullied as a child by his classmates and the kids in his youth group (Thomas 25). When Cho started going to Virginia Tech many people noticed he was not like everyone else and that he seemed a little odd. Most people just assumed that he was just shy.…show more content…
Tim Kaine, the governor of Virginia at the time, modified the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, which states that a background check is required by law before selling a firearm to insure that the buyer has not served a year in jail or spent time in a mental institute. The law now says that if you are even receiving mental health counseling you are not qualified to purchase a firearm in the state of Virginia (Worth 31). Many argue that narrowing the law leaves them defenseless in an actual emergency. People also claim that if more people had guns during the shooting at Virginia Tech then Cho could have been stopped. Many also agree that if a potential killer wanted guns, then they could easily find a way to obtain them (Worth
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