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It was never a question for me whether to pursue a career in research. The question was in what area. The answer to that formed over the course of my secondary studies as well as my university course. My interests comprised of Cell and Molecular Biology, but lately I have been interested in Virology the most. Even before I had a satisfying idea of what the study of viruses comprises, I found it very fascinating. Plus I am a very practical person who finds the most powerful drive in foreseeing the practical implications that might arise from the tiniest piece of theoretical information. That is probably why studying viruses appeals to me so much, because besides obviously helping us fight dangerous pathogens, research in virology can also provide us with important information about how the cells viruses infect work, which is critical in different areas as well. It is no coincidence that many molecular…show more content…
And what better way to get it than by having a productive summer working at an excellent institution with the people who are considered experts in their field? I feel like I would very much benefit from such experience, both career and personality wise. I really like the idea of concentrating on one project for the summer and being able to go through the whole process of following a theory through a basic outline of experiments, adjusting them, and finally processing and presenting the results. That is after all what real research work is about! I find it an incredible advantage to work on a research in an international environment; it would further improve my communication skills, which I consider an important aspect of science that is unfortunately often overlooked causing unnecessary complications. I am positive that I would find great inspiration in other students participating in the program, who are without a doubt going to be very goal oriented overachievers as well as interesting

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