Virtual Child Reflection

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Introduction As a mother of three school-aged children, I assumed this my virtual child project would be redundant. Naturally, I thought what could this project teach me about parenting that I did not already know. Consequently, as it turns out, there are a lot of things I did not know or wish I had known before I became a mom. I assumed the My Virtual Child project would be unrealistic and lacking in real life situations. Consequently, the program turned out to be exciting and very realistic. This paper will discuss my virtual child experiment including my daughter, parenting skills, and overall course reflections. Describe I gave birth to a beautiful bouncy baby girl who we named Abigail Autumn McGee. As a working mom, I tried to breastfeed…show more content…
I used my current parenting style when answering the questions in My Virtual Child. To improve my parenting skills, I also relied heavily on my textbook. So, it stands to reason that if I made all the right educated choices my child would grow up to be a smart, healthy, and well-rounded adult. Furthermore, since I used the same parenting skills on my kids, I assumed I would get similar results. The program took into effect things like moving, pets, marital relationships, and even siblings. Each of these factors contributed to Abigail's growth, development, and personality. When I became a parent at the age of 18, I was not handed a manual telling me how to raise my newborn child. With Abby, I was provided effective options and an overwhelming amount of resources to make more informed decisions. I think it also helps that I have now been a real parent for 16 years. Having completed this assignment, I have a unique perspective on parenting. That perspective has changed after every time I given birth. I think my parenting style changes as I change. I am an entirely different person now than when I became a mom for the first time. Consequently, I did things a little differently with Abby then I did with my kids. As a result, each and every one of my children is unique in their own
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