Virtual Child Reflective Essay

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The purpose of my reflection and artifacts is to provide you with information about my learning skills and experience that I have gained during my studies for the Early Childhood Education program. My experience throughout the course was fun especially on my Virtual Child Assignment because it was an interesting journey. I have discovered about the development and behaviour for my child Neel. This course had a good impact both on me and my learning skills because I had the opportunity to apply my knowledge skills ages and safety, the health and safety practise which I believe is important for a child. Secondly the most important part that I found in the virtual assignment was the working step by step process about the Child’s growth hence, I learned the importance of the health and safety practises which are very important for me to work as an Early Childhood Educator. The most challenging part in the virtual child assignment that had a huge impact on my learning…show more content…
Across the virtual child assignment I have improve myself on doing enough research skills independently or when I am working in groups and through this I found my learning skills started to get better because while I was doing the virtual child assignment my critical thinking got improve because I can differentiating between a newborn baby and a grown up toddler which is important to work as an Early Childhood Educator. Working independently on my virtual child assignment has improve my communication skills by using the APE strategy. For the curriculum I found it very informative because it is useful to plan activities for children in a Daycare as an Early Childhood
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