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.Study on Virtual Classroom
Paper: Web Based Virtual Learning Environments: A Research Framework And A Preliminary Assessment Of Effectiveness In Basic IT Skills Training. This paper was written by Gabriele Piccoli, RamiAhmad and Blake Ives MIS Quarterly. The reason behind writing this paper was to make people aware of effective education atmosphere. In this paper, three main things are discussed, firstly it defines the VLE (virtual learning environment), secondly it presents the effectiveness of VLE and finally it emphasizes the design of VLE. In this paper the comparison between VLEs and CAI (computer aided instruction) is also discussed that VLE is broader than CAI because VLE can encourage electronic interaction and discussion more purely
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The result was from students (612) of University only which 413 students in which 296 are female and 117 are male accepts invitation. The platform used in this was Survey Monkey Website (SMW). It also results the Moore's Theory that the instructor verbal and non-verbal behaviors plays major role in reducing the concept of distance and made the powerful bond of closeness in distance learning.([2]) Other research paper Students’ experiences of learning in a virtual classroom who’s Author is Dilani S. P. Gedera from Waikato Institute of Technology, New Zealand based on fully on-line course of academic year in their first semester in which 6 students and their instructor participates in this research. This research study is held by using Adobe Connect virtual classroom. Students learning experience with virtual classroom is connected with accordance and limitations of learning technology. The student experience was they like seeing people front of them, some see it useful for sharing and gaining knowledge, other students get…show more content…
This paper was written by Leonard A. Annetta, Shawn Holmes. The motive was so interesting and that was introducing students with Avatars. This article is based on VLE (virtual learning environment) by using Avatars in a 3D environment where more college age students are synchronously participating in online video games. In this study, VLE is discussed as 3-dimensional environment in which students can easily interact with each other or with their instructors by using Avatars as a representation of themselves and were also facilitate to use 3D Online Chats.([8])VirtualClassroom in a Master Course: Lessons LearnedThe research is done by Birgit Rognebakke the main intention of this research is to familiarity the virtual classroom atmosphere by using the web based tool Centra. The aspire is to expand best practice instruction for the use of virtual classroom. It has to be explicit a web based surroundings to maintain and support E-learning.([12])Study on needs for E-learning- through the analysis of national surveys and case studiesThe author of this paper is Keiko Watanabe the needs of student of E-learning are mostly focused in this study and the survey is conduct by the National Institute

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