Virtual Field Experience Analysis

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Virtual Field Experience ( First Name and Last Name Course Name Prof Name University Name Date Virtual Field Experience ( This paper will analyze the given video in line with the given analysis sheet together with discussing about the said video’s matter in brief. In the end, it will throw light on how can virtual field experience helps to change the scenario of learning. Discussion of the Given Video’s Matter Several journal articles on educational theme have found that, the virtual field experience provides common standing ground for children to assess the learning subjects. However, it is…show more content…
Four students are seen sitting beside the teacher. The four kids have nothing in terms of learning tools. In this video, the given teacher wants to stir reading curiosity in kids regarding reading via Panda’s subject. In this, five pandas books are presented on the table for these kids. Firstly, the said teacher asks children to let him know about the pandas they know about it. The collected knowledge through kids is written on the chart paper by an expert. In the meantime, the lady, a learner is shown asking different teaching details or reasoning about actions of expert of his coaching process. After getting raw data from kids about pandas and educational conversation, the expert requests children go for panda books and let them clear about the subject of pandas. For example, the said expert urges them to get the correct picture of- what panda eat, where they live, why the book’s title is “BAD NEWS” and so on matters. At the same time, the learner (lady) is observed to be satisfied with the given actions and their reasoning by expert for his questions or requests to the…show more content…
Benefits: Virtual Field Experience With the advent of the internet and other digital technologies, virtual field experience can have a big part in the matter of learning from the experts. It just not only enables learners to get the ideas and fine points of a particular subject from experts, but it also facilitates beginners to enjoy the live effects of those ideas by way of seeing in streaming media. For example, in the given video, a lady has received sound knowledge from experts on the subject of how to stimulate kids for reading activity. In addition, as far as benefits of virtual field experience are concerned, it can hit the bull’s eye in the classroom settings. In fact, as per one of the predictions, by 2018, many universities and students will adopt this idea because of its diverse dimensions on teaching and learning theme. Truthfully, this technology and mode of learning indeed open doors for learners to gain better understanding on different
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