Virtual Field Trip Case Study

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Student Name _Anthony G. James_____________________________________ Florida Virtual School (FLVS) Virtual Field Trip Directions: Follow the four steps of the Assignment (highlighted in yellow) and answer the ten questions. Save the document and upload it in Canvas under the FLVS assignment. A. Watch - FLVS - CEO Julie Young (watch the first 2 minutes only) 1. What age/grade students does FLVS educate? K-12 2. Where are these students located? 67 school districts, 49 states, 46 countries 3. How can teachers connect with students? Phone, email, IM, Skype, text message B. Watch Me Learning – Student perspective (31 seconds) 4. List three…show more content…
Free to Florida students 5. How does FLVS compare to your experience in this online or mixed mode class - EME2040? The most obvious difference is cost. UCF doesn’t offer these classes for free. The similarities include the different use of learning tools, and how the instructors use those tools. D. Watch the FLVS Science course overview. (2:15 minutes) 6. What are some resources used in the online course? Virtual stations, active participation, collaboration, course avatars make up some of the resources used in the online courses. 7. How does these resources compare to those resources used in a face to face class? Self-checks, and online labs available compare to the tools available through UCF WebCourses. When taking classes in science the instructor from UCF uses resources for the book company to expand on learning principles. E. Watch the FLVS as an occupation and as teaching (1:26 minutes) (4:59 minutes) 8. What are the hours for teachers who teach at FLVS? 8 to 8 and weekends. The institution also has stated flexible

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