Virtual Reality In Banking

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Virtual reality
Virtual reality has been adopted by the military where it is used for training purposes. This is especially useful for training soldiers for combat situations or other dangerous environments where they must learn to react appropriately. A simulation of virtual reality allows them to do so without the risk of death or serious injury. They can recreate a particular scenario, such as engaging with an enemy in an environment where they know the situation, but without the real world risk. This has proven to be safer and cheaper than traditional training methods.
Basically, drones are flying robots. A new military drone that’s powered by the sun capable of conducting missions without landing for 45 days and can give accuracy
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The biggest impact is in the area of competition. Smaller banking institutions can access the same technology as major banking institutions and, therefore, can compete with them more effectively for businesses.
In the banking sector, activities begin with banks to automate accounts receivable, enabling staff to create, update and maintain customer records. Banking systems must conduct electronic transactions. Direct deposit is an example of an electronic transaction. The electronic processing of electronic transactions must include encryption capabilities to prevent data from being compromised during a transmission. Banks have expanded their electronic transaction capabilities through fixed and cellular phones, the Internet and ATMs.
A more effective control procedure in the computerized system can result in sales budgeting and credit control. Many credit cards, smart cards, master cards can also be used to withdraw cash in an ATM and online banking against the credit limit extended
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The customer needs to do is to register at the nearest bank and gain this one-on-one method of banking. The account will be accessible anytime anywhere. It is not constrained by time or distance. By simply clicking on a mouse, customers can make daily banking transactions from wherever they are. e-Passbook The e-Passbook functionality is a mobile application that allows the customers to download and view their transactions on the account online or offline on their smart phones. The e-Passbook facility provides the account history of all its accounts in a manner similar to that of a savings account or a current account statement. This application provides a real-time view of the account's transactions.
Role of computer in agriculture
Computers are becoming more and more visible in society and in agriculture. To participate and make informed decisions in the agricultural industry, a person must have the ability to collect, process and manipulate data. Jobs in the current agricultural workforce require greater use of technological skills than ever before. Computers in agriculture offer a wide range of solutions to certain agricultural challenges. A range of automatic machines are available today to simplify the work of the farmer who has worked hard in the field. These machines not only reduce the work of a farmer, but also allow him to produce high-quality
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