VR In Film

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Virtual reality (VR) can be defined as softwares that are used in the field of computer technology to create realistic environment through images, sounds and other sensations that actually reproduce the real environment. They create an imaginary setting helps the user to feel his physical presence in this environment. Through virtual reality the user can interact with the space and the objects depicted in the setting using specialized display screens, projectors, etc. It is more of a realistic simulation of a 3D environment using software and hardware that can be controlled by the human body.
Virtual reality can be achieved by using a range of systems starting from headsets, omni-directional treadmills to special gloves, etc. These devices
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Bio-sensing uses small sensors are used to sense and record body movements of the person in 3D space which are further interpreted by the computer. These are attached to the data glove, suit or the human body. The computer then analyses the data that is further used to transform the human action into appropriate responses on the screen, making the player a virtual part of the game.
In the film industry, although VR is the future of the films in the coming years, it involves a number of challenges. A VR headset is separately used by the audience to experience virtual reality in a 360 degree film and headset presents the images in such a way that the viewer’s brain is made to combine the images and experience a perception of three-dimension which adds realism to the movie watching experience.
With the use of devices such as oculus rift (device that immerses the user in the virtual world) music can also be experienced through VR. The user can actually feel the vibration of the guitar thumping against the chest, the resonance of a piano’s soundboard along with the weight of the keys on the fingers. The user not just listens to the music stream but feels as if he were present at the exact location where the song is being
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