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Throughout this unit, there have been many reasons addressed as to how and why students learn at a different pace according to their personal interests, life experiences, skills and current knowledge. This is the basis of Thompson’s ‘virtual schoolbag’ concept. Although the curriculum is created to teach all students the same lessons inside the classroom, it is imperative that educators understand the diversity of student learning, and how it will progress at different rates, depending on their past experiences in learning, both within and outside of the classroom. This can be involving friends, parents, doctors, shopkeepers –anyone who has been involved in the child’s life in some way.
A huge part of understanding the student’s virtual schoolbag,
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In other words, it is the combination of the intended curriculum, the enacted curriculum, the hidden curriculum and the null curriculum. (Learning to teach in the early classroom, 2011,p.95) It is essential for educators to not only follow curriculum required on a day to day basis, but to also allow room to integrate hidden curriculum and learning experiences into each day, to allow students to experiment with ideas and learn from their own experiences. These diminutive lessons learned throughout the classroom experience will enhance the child’s virtual school bag that will grow with each day learning something new. When you enter the school in the morning, you carry with you pieces of your life — your happiness, your sadness, your hopes, your pleasures, the stresses from your life. You never come in an isolated way; you always come with pieces of the world attached to you. (Your image of this child: Where teaching begins, p. 2). This is an example of not only the educational lessons learned having an effect on an individual, but also the emotional reactions caused by everyday life situations. This can have a great effect on a child’s concentration in the classroom, for example, if the child’s parents had a fight that morning before they were taken to school, the child may perform poorly that day or week because of the
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