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According to Zizi Papacharissi in "The virtual sphere: The internet as a public sphere" web technology has the capacity for reestablishing the public sphere, giving the global public the possibility of freely and equally debate various issues. The problem that Papacharissi points to is the instead of promoting a new and equal behavioral patterns, it seems that the global capitalistic trend is still highly influential with the internet following it. For Papacharissi, the conditions for the constitution of a public sphere do not depend only on technology, but also on its users and owners. In did today's technology allows more people to engage in politics but this is still not sufficient, in Papacharissi's view, the reestablish the public sphere. …show more content…

Papacharissi define a public space as a ‘forum of political deliberation’ (The Virtual Sphere 2002), whilst a public sphere is defined as something the ‘internet could facilitate…that promotes a democratic exchange of ideas and opinions’ (The Virtual Sphere 2002). One of the main questions asked from reading this article is, does a public space really create a democratic society? The effects of the internet on politics are still being argued, as it is still unknown if the technology is benefiting politics or if politics are being ignored due to technology. I strongly believe that the internet and cyberspace is having both positive and negative effects on politics. By creating forums on the internet, every computer-user has access to raise and voice their opinion. People are able to express their perceptions and arguments online. As Papacharissi alludes to, this is an easier alternative to protesting, marching, conducting surveys and lobbying parliament. The internet is also able to reach an extended audience through social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. For example, Wade Noonan (Labour MP) has joined Facebook and become ‘friends’ with many youths of Melbourne’s West. He has done this in an attempt to connect youths to politics but also to gain the votes of community members in the next election. Politicians are taking to the internet to convey their …show more content…

Many people over the world rely on ‘real life’ and ‘offline’ action and behaviours to express their opinion on politics. For those without the internet, their voices may go unheard and ignored. Furthermore, Papacharissi expresses that popular forums online may not create a utopian democratic society as many extremist groups are able to discuss their views online.Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is a great illustration of how the internet can publicize extremist views and undemocratic values, as they promote racism towards African-American citizens. These negative effects are a creating a significant obstruction towards the creation of a global democratic society. Throughout this article, Papacharissi raises the question of what impact the internet is having on politics. I believe that it is too soon to tell the effects of the internet on politics. The advances in technology and the internet is changing politics and is having various effects on national political parties. This modern ‘public sphere’ will evolve over time, and the internet will have an even greater role in

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