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INTRODUCTION The virtual world is famously and yet commonly known as “ MASSIVELY MULTI PLAYER ONLINE WORLD”(MMOW). This includes 3d virtual environment in which we users take the avatars to represent ourselves to others. These avatars can be textual, audio or video and touch sensations. It uses multiple users. This depicts variety of games such as science fiction, superheroes, sports, horror and even historical. Most of these virtual games have real time actions. These are not only restricted to games, but computer based conferencing and text based chat rooms is also done. Sometimes “ Smilies” are also present to represent our feelings. CONCEPT OF VIRTUAL WORLD The most important feature of virtual world is “PERSISTENCY” that it…show more content…
The activity that we are doing is known as “ PLAYING”. Earlier, all the virtual world was text based, and all the occurring events were explained in words rather than in images. People who visit virtual worlds may some day benefit from research into visors, data gloves, and beyond, but the fundamental attraction for them is what awaits when they enter a virtual world, not the means by which they do so. IMPORTANCE OF VIRTUAL WORLD This virtual world is distinguished from others because: • The world has certain automated rules that allow players to effect changes to it. • Players represent individuals in the world. • Interaction with the world takes place in real time. When you do something in the world, you can expect feedback almost immediately. • The world is (at least to some degree) persistent. • There is “sharing” in the world. • It takes time to understand virtual world and work properly. • Sometimes it’s very costly and unaffordable. • We can become easily distracted. • Connection problems may also occur. • It serves as an educational tool as it avoids awkwardness as in face to face conversation. • We connect globally and interact with each

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