Virtue Ethics And Confucianism

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Virtue Ethics and Confucianism Virtue is a popular theme that can be found in films, books, and societies around the world. The definition of virtue in the American Heritage Dictionary of the English language is “the quality of moral excellence, righteousness, and responsibility… a specific type of moral excellence or other exemplary quality considered meritorious” (Morris). In relation to a philosophical standpoint, there are a number of theories regarding virtue, which fall under the broad category of virtue ethics. As defined in the 7th Edition Ethics Theory and Practice textbook written by authors Jacques P. Thiroux and Keith W. Kraseman, virtue ethics are “character-based ethics…about becoming a certain kind of person.” “It’s concern,…show more content…
You may notice that each relationship includes a person that is more powerful than the other however, the only cardinal relationship in which one person is not more powerful is from friend to friend. This system was established to promote discipline and uniformity during the political upheaval. The five cardinal relationships are governed by Shu, a Chinese term that translates to reciprocity. By constructing a respected and understood hierarchy each individual played an important role in rekindling peace in China. Cardinal relationships continue to have a place in Chinese culture today and mark an important factor in fostering harmony in the home and…show more content…
There have been various studies conducted using Confucianism as a basis for how a company and its employees fare. Using themes like self cultivation, role ethics, and the cardinal relationships businesses have mapped out the long term effects of Confucian philosophies. In a study done by Tianbo Li titled The Influence of Confucianism and Buddhism on Chinese Business the author stated, “The economic success of China benefits from, or is closely associated with Confucianism” (Li 1). Examples of Confucius in the work place emphasize on building long-term connections, incorporating harmony, and cooperative principles in order to create an effective, organized, and collaborative work environment. The study also assessed how incorporating Confucianism into a business positively affected sales. The customer and shop worker not only communicated better but the study also shows if the manager were to have out any quotes or small artifacts about Confucius, that the customer would have a talking point and find the store more welcoming. Another example of Confucianism in modern Chinese society is through the media. There are a number of TV shows and movies that are set in ancient Chinese times and reflect the philosophies of Confucius. These shows portray the importance of tradition and the development of ones inner self, similar to the basis of

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