Virtue Ethics In The Military

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Every society develops, struggles to find and seeks solutions that will be best for society. What are the best laws, political style and what should be considered right and wrong and good or bad. Science says that for every action there is a reaction. Essentially, this means that there are consequences for all actions and choices, which calls for great consideration in regards to those acts being right or wrong, good or evil and or even worthwhile. Unfortunately, there is no universally accepted means by which attain these social goals that need to be achieved. One area of ethical debate that has remained highly active in the past, present and will likely remain so well into the future is those in regards to the United States military. How…show more content…
In many ways virtue ethics looks at the innate or intrinsic presence of virtue in all individuals. Human beings are guided by the goal of ideal happiness and believing that people will make their choices, for the right reasons, because at the core people are virtuous and good (Hursthouse, 2012).

Utilitarian Ethics: Utilitarian perspectives are based upon the premise that what is most beneficial for society is that which provides the greatest pleasure or happiness and the least amount of pain or negative consequences for the largest number. In other words it centers on the general philosophical concept of the needs of the many is more important that the needs of the minorities or the individual (Mill).
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The sharp rules that guide military member’s works well because it supports the overseeing government’s utilitarian interests. However, if the government adopted deontology then it would become overwhelmed and laden with rules and regulations that would prevent them from making variant and unpredictable solutions. The entire system would breakdown in an effort to follow rules that will make their actions just and “good.” If United States government was to adopt the principles of virtue ethics in regard to the military it would be even worse. Virtue ethics relies on the idea that thinking and feeling people are innately good and when given the opportunities will make the ethical, right and good decisions (Hursthouse, 2012). Unfortunately, that is similar to the argument that stricter gun laws restrict law abiding citizens from possessing guns, the now illegal status would encourage wrong-doers and criminals to abide by the law and surrender their weapons because it is the right thing to do. There is simply no guarantee of that. If the virtue ethics were applied to the government and how they utilize the military then the government would not be able to make timely, decisive and targeted choices, weighed down by contemplating the moral characters and ethical rights of each and every individual, including the well-being of the military, but with all
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