Virtuous Person Analysis

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For my virtuous person, I chose Ellen DeGeneres. When I initially thought about virtuous people, I could not help but think of people from the past. However, when thinking of following their actions, it was very hard to emulate them. Because Ellen has been so widely popular the past few decades, it made more sense for me to choose her as my virtuous individual. Aside from Ellen’s massive fame, she has also successfully proved herself as one of the best role models of this generation. Ellen has a daily talk show where she will often bring on celebrity guests and talk about popular trends or rumors, but always manages to keep it lighthearted and humorous. However, when topics do get serious on the show, Ellen is never hesitant to speak her mind while still keeping the conversation open and pleasant. Ellen is considered virtuous in my opinion because she is brave in the sense that she broke the mold of typical comedy talk shows, and she is always extremely compassionate with individuals. Because comedy is Ellen’s main focus, her whole show is based around making other people laugh and be happy, even if it is only for the hour-long show segment. Ellen is very concerned with the happiness and joy of others, and she uses her talents and humor to enhance that for her audience. Throughout Ellen’s career, she has failed many times, especially early on. While Ellen was trying to sort through what she wanted to do in life, she was also struggling with her own identity and she was
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