Ganpati Shapana Puja Research Paper

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Introduction Ganpati Sthapana Puja is one of the most important and foremost ritual of every Puja, Yagna or any auspicious task undertaken. Call him Ganpati, or refer to him as Vinayaka, pray to him as Vighneshwara or worship the Lambodara; they are few of many different names that Lord Ganesha is known by. Lord Shiva had a warrior clan, which was collectively known as Ganas and Ganapati was the ‘Ishta’, i.e;. The Head of the warrior clan. Hence he was bestowed with the name Ganesha! Lord Ganesha is one of the most ardently worshipped deities across the world. But most importantly, he is the Pratham Pujya i.e. the first one to be worshipped during any Puja or auspicious occasion. Significance of Ganapati Sthapana and Visarjan Puja: Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta also states that there is an indestructible…show more content…
Ganpati Sthapana and Visarjan Puja Vidhi: Ganesh Sthapana Vidhi: • The Ganesh Sthapana Puja starts with setting up of the Ganesh Murti or a Puja Paan (leaf/paper) or Kalash or maybe even all three together. The latter two symbolize Lord Ganesh. • The Vidhi starts with praying to the Murti (Avaahan) and placing it on a wooden base or a low table for Praan Pratishthan. • The next step is offering five flowers (preferably red hibiscus). This is known as Pushpanjali. • We then wash Lord Ganesha’s feet with water and scented water (Arghya). Water is also offered as a sip to be consumed (Aachaman). • It is then time for Ganesh snaanam and abhishekam. The murti has to be first bathed using water and then with Panchamrut (a mix of milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar and in that order). This is followed by application of scented oil on the murti. The final step is washing away the excess oil using Gangaajal. • The murti is then made to wear new Vastras and Yajnopavita or

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