Can Tho Swot Analysis

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Strength 1. Geographical Advantage Can Tho city lies at the center of the Mekong River Delta. It is an important traffic hub of waterway, road, seaway, airway, and the future expressway and railway that helps comfort the national and international trade (Lan, 2011). Since there are many people come in and out the city for their businesses, there will be a high chance that the number of tourists increases as well. It is because business travelers bring their family members and spend time together in the destination (Mohn, 2010). If they are satisfied about the experiences of the tour package, people would tell others such as their friends or other family members. Therefore, having more business travelers and their family members also helps the destination to attract more tourists. This would help the “Mission Impossible” tour package to get close to the tourists. 2. Price The “Mission Impossible” tour package applies existed places such as floating market, local street market and other historical places. Also, most activities that tourists do during the tour are related to agritourism and ecotourism which are focusing on the nature; there are not much to spend for tourists. Thus, it does not require a lot of investment to make…show more content…
The tour package should have its own coins for tourists to get products that are needed to complete missions. Bicycle is also required for this package because people need to find routes by themselves; taking taxi or renting car not allow for the tour package. Therefore, few investors are necessary and the tour operator needs to cooperate with certain places such as stores in local market, bicycle store, or accommodation. However, some people who run the tourism related business would not want to participate so that the tour operator should prepare and explain well about its plans or advantages to

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