Vision Statement Of Philips

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With the revolution of the toothbrush industry, electric toothbrush is currently propelling the market. Philips has come out with a new product line of electric toothbrush — Philip Sonicare Healthy White Refresh, with a cleaning function that could guarantee the whitening effect, suitable for people who wear braces, and a stain removal proposition that allow users to eat and drink freely.

Tooth decay can be physically and emotionally painful. It can cause the nerve of the tooth to get infected and die, causing an abscess. It is important to practice a good routine at home in order to keep our oral health at an excellent condition. Gum disease is very common and it could lead to bone loss around the teeth, and yet, 90% of
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Vision Statement
Philips has a vision of being a good brand in the market, and the started the brand promise — “sense and simplicity” in year 2004, and it represents Philip’s promise to provide driven service to the consumers, it also states that the company is committed to provide advance, and easy solutions to the consumers.
Furthermore, Philips has a “vision 10” strategy, which implements in three core areas. They are Healthcare, Lightning, and Consumer Lifestyle. The president and CEO of Royal Philips Electronics said, “with vision 2010, we are putting people right at the centre things, with Health and Well-being as out overarching theme. We are thereby putting into practice our mission: improving the quality of life through the introduction of meaningful innovations.”(

Product &
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Philips came out with a lot of ideas to improve people’s lives. The company has a number of sectors, which are Philips consumer lifestyles, Philips domestic appliances, personal care, Philips lightning and Philips healthcare, operating in Europe, North Korea and Asia Pacific, and the headquarters is in Amsterdam. Philips has sales and services outlets in over 100 countries, and also around 118,000 employees with sales of thirty-three billion dollars. It is a leader in the market with their medical diagnostic imaging and patient monitoring systems, energy efficient lightning solutions, and lifestyle solutions (koninkijke Philips, 2009). Philips came out with their key innovations, which are Carbon filament bulb, Medical X-ray tube, first television, electrical shaver, compact audio cassette, compact disc, and DVD in year 1915, 1918, 1925, 1939, 1965, 1983, and 1997 respectively. The company has focused in pioneering innovations in medical imaging, television, lightning, optical technology and many more to simplify and enhance people’s lives (Koninklijke Philips,
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