Vision Zero Action Plan

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Vision Zero is an action plan started by Mayor De Blasio as a response to the extremely high amount traffic related accidents and deaths in New York City. Vision Zero’s purpose is to ultimately eliminate fatal crashes as well as to change how these accidents are perceived by the public. Under Vision Zero, there have been initiatives to educate key stakeholders such as pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicle operators, on how to be safe on the road. In addition to that, there have been pushes for law enforcement officers to crackdown on dangerous driving choices and risky behavior. Vision Zero is important because of what it sets out to do. As a government program, it’s purpose is to deal with a matter of public safety. Despite this good intent, the initiative has recently gained negative attention due to the criticism of various media sources and interest groups. Recent analysis has shown that the initiative has been less than successful in achieving all of its goals. Whereas the amount of car on car deaths have been decreased, the rate of pedestrian and cyclist deaths have increased. Furthermore, because pedestrian deaths makes up the largest percentage of traffic related deaths in the city, many critics and advocated claim that the initiative is not doing enough to keep city streets safe. The program is undergoing issues in…show more content…
Developing a relationship with the media and other leaders is important for vision zero because they have the ability to inform and sway public opinion. One of Vision Zero’s weaknesses is how little people know of it. By engaging with the media and providing clear information, more people would know that the initiative
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