How To Planning A Trip To India Essay

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To say India is a huge country, is an understatement.

You can travel the country and you’ll always find something a little differet- mountains, deserts, beaches, rivers, etc.. you can find all types of terrain there, which is why even Indians will travel their own country. 29 states and 7 union territories. Population of 1.2 billion. Language wise, Hindi and English is secondary are the main languages, but there are 21 official other languages and non-Hindi speaking states,, so I believe there’s certain states in which Indian’s don’t quite understand each other. Also, India doesn’t just have one cinema industry, but something like eleven!

Planning a Trip to India | Top 5 Things to Know Before you Go to India

1. Planning a trip to India
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There’s also seldom any running water for flushing or washing hands. There’s no toilet paper. Tip: Take baby wipes, toilet paper and your hand sanitizer.

Takal | Foreign tourist quota tickets: With train travel, it’s best to book tickets in advance especially for travel during holiday/ festival times. You’re competing with 1.2 billion people. Train seats can get filled quickly. If you need to travel and seats are all sold out, foreign tourists have the opportunity to get a foreign tourist quota ticket (or takal). Each train has a few reserved seats for foreign travelers. You might pay a little more, but if you can get a takal, then it’s worthwhile if you are cutting your schedule tight. You would need to go to the train station and the office for International or foreign travelers. There is no guarantee you will get it, but it’s chance worth taking if you urgently need to get to your next

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