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A visit to New York City is an amazing experience for anyone. The atmosphere is completely different than the suburbs I’m so used to, which made all of the experiences even better. The memory is very vivid to me because of how fantastic the things to experience in the city are.
The drive there from my suburban home was long, with not much to see as far as views on the way. I arrived at my hotel which was extravagant for just a hotel, with gold accents covering the entire foyer and sparkling clean marble flooring and rode the dark and notoriously grimy subway into downtown Manhattan. Walking out of the underground station, I was greeted by a straight line of sky-high buildings, some taller than others, as far as I could see. It was summer, so
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I look at the hundreds of billboards and signs and waving flags trying to figure out what to visit first. Street performers are all over, singing songs, dancing, using household items as instruments, showcasing their unique talents for the whole bustling square to see. The amount of people crossing through the square is huge, as there are many locations in Times Square to either visit or commute to. Soon, night fell, changing the entire atmosphere of the city. The blue sky and beating hot sun are replaced by stars and dim moonlight. All of the billboards that were clearly visible during the day now light up, some revealing flashing letters, colors, scrolling text, and advertisements. Retro style signs light up pointing to famous New York locations, prompting passing tourists to stop and visit. I returned to the subway station I arrived at, and behind it, Madison Square Garden was dripping in color, with enormous LED light columns going across the entire stadium flashing different colors and scrolling text. I descended down the steep stairs of the subway station, got back on the train and that was the end of my New York City experience. New York was an amazing experience that has inspired me to strive to live there one day. Just the view alone is absolutely breathtaking, but not visiting in person doesn’t do a place like the Big Apple justice. The memory to this day is very vivid

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