Visitor Q Analysis

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Visitor Q (Takashi Miike, 2001) “Visitor Q” is a grotesque study of the human psyche, by a filmmaker who has transformed the rape of our aesthetics into his means of expression. The script revolves around the Yamazakis, a family of four, all of who are quite maladjusted individuals. Kiyoshi, the father, is a former reporter trying to shoot a documentary on violence and sex among youths. Therefore, he spends his time recording Takuya, his son, on camera, while his classmates bully him; he also occasionally has sex with his prostitute-daughter, Miki. Takuya, frustrated by the constant bullying, takes out his fury on his mother, Keiko, beating her over any insignificant excuse, even in front of his indifferent father. Keiko finds solace in drugs…show more content…
He did not abandon though his extreme cinematography style with the extensive use of handheld cameras, as he shot the movie in black and white and printed it in color film that created a distinct blue tint, which permeates the whole picture. Flower and Snake (Takashi Ishii, 2004) Remake of an equally cult production of 1974, which was based on the homonymous S&M novel by Oniroku Dan, "Flower and Snake" is basically a tale of a woman's sexual slavery. Shizuko is Japan's best tango dancer and prized wife of a businessman named Ippei. The latter has money issues with the Yakuza, and their leader, who admires Shuzuko's beauty, proposes to Ippei to sell her to him in exchange for his debts, and he agrees. The rest of film consists of Shizuko being subjected to sexual and emotional humiliation in front of a private VIP S&M show, which even entails the 95-year old boss who is connected to an oxygen bottle. Takashi Ishii presents a stylish and shocking film, that pulls no punches at all since every perverse action is presented with utter detail and with the camera being very close to the
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