Vista Room Kitchen Case Study

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Save and submit all journals together in this document and rename the document with your name. All Journals will be submitted electronically through ILearn with 4 due dates. Vista Room Kitchen Journal 1 (20 points) Name: Patricia Liyady 916702454 (Lab Day: W ) Time: 8:00 - 11:00am For the first journal, answer the following questions related to your Vista Room lab experiences up to date in a 1-page essay. Formatting: Times New Roman, font size: 12, and double space. • What station or positions did you work? Be specific. • What tasks did you perform? Did you receive proper guidance from the chef or peer? • Did you taste any of your products? • What new techniques did you learn this week if…show more content…
Both owners and managers of an operation should be well knowledgeable of the entire set up and flow of food service whether it be the facility specifications or kitchen staff management. From what I learned in the Vista Room kitchen is that commercial kitchens are divided into distinct sections for respective uses; the dishwashing area, the hotline area, oven area, and food prep area. The dry ingredients are stored under the tabletops and over the high shelves by the wall of the food prep section. Since the Vista Room is a smaller operation, there is only single refrigeration divided into meats, dairy, vegetables and freezer. The layout should be set so that flow of food preparation is efficient such as hand washing sink should be where it is highly accessible to those working in the food prepping area. Managers should also ensure that all the kitchen staffs working are certified food handlers and aware of providing food safety. The staff should be educated upon how foodborne illnesses occur and how too avoid any contaminations from occurring when preparing food in the kitchen. By washing hands before prepping raw food with warm water, soap, and dry with single use paper towel. Nails should be trimmed as well since both hair and nails are two of the most common physical contaminations. Staffs should be wearing proper uniforms with such as caps to ensure hair is away from the face. Uniform requirements are also needed to provide safety to the staffs themselves such as loose pants in in case of hot oil spillage and flames caught it can be quickly removed, and aprons should be worn in prepping areas. Managers should also observe and check if staffs are in good health condition to work. They have the right to exclude any staff showing signs of severe symptoms such as

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