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The increasingly growing importance and use of English language has opened up doors of the continents and widened the horizons for ample of opportunities. Learning the language has become obvious for aspiring minds. The advent and advancement of technology has made it possible to transform English language lab into a mini theatre where visual clips or films can be shown. The soothing impact of visual aids is now recognized all over the world. The idea of using visual aids in ESL classroom is a kind of challenge to educate learners as it demands attention and interest. It is a new concept and is highly required keeping in mind the learners. Using visual aids can get unflinching attention and interest of the learners. Professional programs like…show more content…
Visual aids are a great tool for seeing and understanding. Visual aids allow learners the time they need to process what they are being asked to do. They do not disappear into thin air to be forgotten as spoken words or hand gestures do. Visual aids can also be sequenced to breakdown and learn a skill bit by bit. The traditional instructional methodology of learning English was learning through grammar. Chalk and talk or white board were used to explain rules of word stress and rhythm, projector to put up rules of intonation, and students would take the rules down. Learners would copy down exercises of grammar and work on them at leisure. This methodology could not allow to inculcate communication skills. It has been then realized that in order to cater for the ever increasing need to enhance and sharpen the communication skills and soft skills of learners, theory alone was not enough. Learners need to practice to be able to use English in a variety of situations and that a language lab has turn out to be the need of the hour.
Teachers invariably use audio-visual aids in teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of a language to make it interesting and enjoyable and so is becoming popular nowadays among the language teachers. It attracts the learners’ attention immediately. It motivates them to pay more attention in the class and they can relate their learning with
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Danan (1992) investigated that a grouping of video input and bilingual verbal input (subtitles in the second language only with audio in the learners ‘first language) aided vocabulary acquisition and reading comprehension. The generation today is attracted more towards English movies. The trend has been vibrant with the series of Harry Porter. The student community in particular derive relief from movies. They visit the cinema before and after the exam, celebrate an event with a trip to the theatre; exhibit happiness at being chosen for a job or at a university abroad for higher studies by taking friends to the cinema. Movies have the same significance for the IT and Facebook generation that temples had for the generation that inherited a free India. Movies attract the human psyche as they thrill, motivate, shock, entertain and render the masses powerless to resist the temptation of the silver screen. Movies present visual content in which the dialogues take place and action accompanies speech. According to Gebhardt (2009) through movies gestures, facial expression and other body language appropriate to the dialogue can be well observed which lead to language

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