Visual Analysis Of Logos, Ethos, And Tone

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The visual portion of the propaganda project is influenced by an acronym: an outlining and analysis tool, SOAPSTone, or Speaker, Occasion, Audience, Purpose, Subject, and Tone. The acronym allows for better analysis of the given subject, resulting in a more informative and appealing visual aspect. Various pieces of this written analysis are represented on this poster, such as the three appeals, Logos, Ethos, and Pathos. Each of the representations will contain some aspect of SOAPSTone, or the appeals. As a result, the visual aspect illustrates the topic: Russian Gang Hacks. The speaker is anybody who possesses interest or concern with Russian Gang Hacks, represented by most slides, as they are spoken from the perspective of the speaker. The…show more content…
These appeals are named, Logos, meaning logic, Ethos, meaning ethics, and Pathos, meaning emotions/feelings. Logos is represented on the visual element of the project through raw statistics, facts, that hold true and can be utilized to gain credibility in an argument. Ethos is displayed on the project mostly in the field of credibility: big companies are recognizing this as a threat; the world is recognizing the hacks as a threat. This establishes credibility in the argument, allowing the argument to sway the opinion of the audience, the internet users of the world. Pathos in the project is difficult to establish due to the statistical nature of the issue, Russian gang hacks. The most used appeal in my project is Logos, again, due to the statistical nature of the issue, which requires valid facts to solidify the argument. Logos is presented through the form of statistics, such as the fact that 420,000 websites got compromised. The impact of this on the project is that Logos makes the project more valid, through trustable statistics, revealing the true nature and destruction caused by the attacks. The least impactful appeal on the issue is definitely Pathos, represented my the emotions in the project, such as the people struggling with financial issues following the hacks. Pathos just does not bring enough information to the table for it to be a major part of the argument. Feelings are heavily…show more content…
The visual is most effective in accomplishing this by providing short, yet blunt pieces of information regarding each side of the argument, further expanding onto the concise aspect of the goal of the visual. Having short and appealing pieces of information on the visual that also hit hard on the opinion of the viewer establishes the effectiveness of the visual; how much is elaborated on the argument. Overall, by having concise and uncompromising pieces of information strung about the visual, they assist the visual to be have more appeal to the viewer. One side can be more persuasive than the other, but that depends on the reader’s point of view. On one hand, the pro argument can go in-depth about how the russian gang hacks affected cybersecurity worldwide and how they were beneficial to the world, and that may appeal to an in-depth reader. However, the con argument can appeal to the statistical side of the reader, and flood them with information regarding the volatility of the hacks, and how much people and companies the russian gang hacks affected, acting as a short and concise answer. The persuasiveness of the sides is dependent on the overall mindset of the

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