Visual Argument Analysis

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Nichole Robles
Mrs. Rhine
English 101, Period 3
14 September 2015
Visual Argument In comparison to the African society, the United States is richer in their currency system, overall nutrition, and technological advancements. This wide gap between society is no surprise and is noticeably more evident now due to the industries in the first world countries. Campbell’s overall message in her visual argument, “Thinner than ever”, establishes the issue regarding the absence of the United State’s concern to third world countries and depicts the results of doing so. The goal of the organization that posted the visual seems to be to shed light on the selfishness of the America, highlighting the fact that Africa’s starvation is a bigger issue than creating
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The visual incorporates text as well as the two figures, suggesting the general message that children in Africa are “thinner than ever”, a well-known slogan used by the popular company, Apple. Apple uses their famous slogan to advertise their products, inducing the concept of being “thin” as a plus in the industry. On the other hand, the individual object on the right depicts the concept of being “thin” as a detriment in nutrition for the starving African children who struggle with their diet. In this case, text is a useful factor for the visual argument that brings meaning to the argument itself. Without the text, the visual could mean the complete opposite; portraying the image of a Caucasian handing off an iPad to an African child in need. The text is vital to the image, convincing the audience that the United State’s priorities are corrupt and twisted, neglecting their fellow country who genuinely needs help in fixing poverty and starvation. This act evokes the emotions of solace, sympathy, and guilt contributing to a proliferation of convincing their audience in an efficient…show more content…
It is important to recognize the person who created the visual, in this case it would be Heather Anne Campbell. Campbell is known as an American Emmy nominated writer who also seems to be an advocate in the progression of better diets and nutrition systems. By analyzing the ad, her obvious position on the issue is the starvation African children face should not be a problem in the twenty-first century considering many first world countries are wealthy and advanced, possessing the ability to help. Campbell argues the issue should not be ignored, rather helped by the wealthy Americans who possess such an abundant amount of money that they’re focusing their industry toward developing a thinner tablet. If Campbell was simply another person who went onto photoshop in hopes of creating a visual argument, the ad would not have been as effective without the authority and credibility Campbell holds with the general public.
Ultimately, Campbell efficiently creates the visual advertisement with integrating various factors such as composition details in designing the overall look to sway the audience onto her side, not only using a rhetorical appeal to authority but also a rhetorical appeal to emotion. Attracting the general American public, it is a clear depiction of the wide gap between the wealthy first world country and the poor third world country plus their differences. By juxtaposing the two societies,
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