Dante's Influence On Visual Art

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The word Visual Arts in itself is a larger concept. Visual art is a modern but imprecise term for a broad category of art which includes a number of artistic disciplines from various subcategories of art like painting, photography, moving camera, sculptors etc, so it is impossible to define the meaning of the visual art in a simple context. This paper will deal with influence of Dante’s writing on the paintings of renaissance and the artist during that time. As Bryson mention that ‘Paintings is once again thought as a rivalry between technicians for the production of a replica so perfect that art will take the palm from the nature’. Painting is seen as constant mutation of history. Yet the study of mutation may cause a historical change in the object of enquire, but studying the shape and size is not itself is the art history,…show more content…
His book Divine Comedy was combination of both Christianity and Latin Greek history. He was not only just a medival man he was also the renaissance man, Dante’s has his much influence in th renaissance art and artist. Dante’s Divine Comedy describe his journey through Hell, Purgatory and Heaven, and what he saw therein is a Christian epic about vice and virtue, rewards and punishments. In the commidian it has an enormous character all are Dante’s contemporise and some of the renown Greek figures and deities. Florence during that time was highly political and influence, Italy was divided into two political groups. Dante deeply committed to the Guelf or Papal cause. Dante and his property loss and were exile and was condemned to burned to stake if they come back to the city. He spent much of his life in exile. The influence of the exile is seen in many parts of his Comedy, from prophecies of Dante’s exile to Dante’s views of politics, to the eternal damnation of some of his opponents. We can find a little bitterness in the Comedian. As Paul Johnson mention

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