Visual Communication: Geell Geers Self Potrait And Their Uses

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Phile Mavundla 05 June 2015 Visual Communication Cultural Appropriation Essay In This essay the artist of focus will be Kendell Geers, the areas that will be studied will be his art work including the different types, images with different forms of his work will be discussed through the body of the essay and how cultural appropriation and the uses are conducted in his work. Cultural appropriation involves a dominant group which resorts to exploiting other groups that have less power if any at all, in most cases the group being exploited has very little knowledge on sustaining themselves or each other in relation to certain skill they may have. Cultural appropriation can include the acts of taking or borrowing someone else’s intellectual property and making it your own in the following ways, the creation could have traditional elements to it, it could be expressed in the form of someones specific culture and could be artistically portrayed. Someone who steals without permission could take a type of dance, a cultural attire or traditional music, this could be seen as wrong because the group that has ben exploited would not have gotten the proper recognition. When a minority group is exploited quiet often their historical background is often investigated and there is usually a sense of compassion towards them if they have had an oppressive past and automatically are seen as victims. ( Nittle 2015) Kendell Geers Self Potrait,1995 In Kendell Geers image of ‘Self

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