Visual Communication: The Beginnings Of Visual Communication

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The beginnings of visual communication. Visual communication is communicating through visual display of information. Visual communication is used in many different ways, it is associated with two dimensional images which may include art, photography, signs, typography, drawing fundamentals and other electronic resources. Centuries ago humans communicated differently, every tribe or community had its own way of communicating .years ago communication was not so simple like now because people did not have the right and best materials compared to the world that we living in now at present. Back then humans invented their own ways of communicating because it was not that easy to communicate to one another. About 40,000 to 10,000 years ago the Europeans developed a way of communicating, the Europeans developed their way of communicating by using the Cro-Magnons. The Cro-Magnons artifacts include huts, cave paintings, antler-tipped spears and carvings. The humans used manganese and iron oxide to paint pictures. Cave paintings are paintings created by painting on a wall or cave or rock and is believed that paintings are the work of the respected deceased elders. Cave painting was the most often way people used to communicate because it did not demand a lot of things compared to using manganese and oxide to create a painting. Cave painting illustrated or described things to every human being in a simple way that it is not too difficult to a person to understand. The most

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