Visual Disadvantages

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1. What are the educational benefits of the use of film, video and tv in the classroom? 2. What are some disadvantages or limitations of the use of tv? The film, video and tv are indeed very powerful. Dale (1969) says, they can: * transmit a wide range of audio-visual materials, including still pictures, film, objects, specimens and drama. * bring models of excellence to the viewer. * bring the world of reality to the home and to the classroom through a “live” broadcast or as mediated through film or videotape. * make us see and hear for ourselves world events as they happen. * be the most believable news source * make some programs understandable and appealing to a wide variety of age and educational levels. * become a great equalizer of educational opportunity because programs can be presented over national and regional networks. * provide us with sounds and sights not easily available even to the viewer of a real event. * can give opportunity to others to view themselves, while they teach for purposes of self-improvement. * can be both instructive and enjoyable 13. Teaching with Visual Symbols Focus Question: Visual symbols include drawings, cartoons, strip drawings, diagrams, formulas, charts, graphs, maps, and globes. Your experiences of the words and the graphs convinces you that a graph is easier to understand than the words of a paragraph. A graph is “worth a thousand words.” A graph and any visual symbol are worth a thousand words. They are more understood than mere
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