Visual Disparity Affecting Basketball

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Visual Disparity Have you ever wondered how visual disparity can effect Basketball? I have often wondered about how Visual Disparity can effect Basketball. I am a basketball player and I would like to be able to go to college to play Basketball someday. I still want to learn how to be a better basketball player than I am right now. I believe that learning more about Visual Disparity may help to explain how basketball players can improve their shot. The Word Disparity is a word that is one of the most scientific words. The definition of Disparity is a great difference (Disparity). The word Disparity came from the late Latin and middle French (Disparity).Disparity is a noun, and was invented in the 1500’s (Disparity). Visual Disparity is the meaning of sight. Visual Disparity is a two retinal image of one object that the brains see’s it as three dimensional (Von,…show more content…
Yes, it effects everybody, everybody has kind of a blind spot, and everybody sees things differently (Quin, Ning). Blind spot is a small portion of blindness in each eye (Albert, Daniel M). The Blind Spot is located to the right centre vision of the left eye (Albert, Daniel M). Visual Disparity effects athletes in many ways. Athletes do better if they are exposed to Visual cues, such as words , pictures or symbols (University of Kent). Subliming visual cues are words, pictures or symbols (University of Kent). Another word that ties into Visual Disparity is depth perception. Depth perception is the ability to determine how far you can throw something (O.D Michel Garin). Based on my past knowledge about Visual Disparity,I believe that Visual Disparity affects athletes and people in many ways. In my Science Fair experiment, I plan to test the hypothesis by shooting a basketball with one eye open and one eye closed to see if it is easier or harder. I predict that the people who are going to shoot with two eyes open, will be easier than one
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