Visual Elements In Star Wars

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Star Wars Elements of visual design are visible aspects of a film that help credibility. Star Wars Episode 3 displays many different elements throughout the whole film. Color and Costume production both play a role in this film that produces credibility for the audience. The first visual elements, color, is a special quality of light reflected from a given surface. An example in Star Wars is the specific colors in the rebel force locations and the Empire. The Death Star is all grey and the colors are all dark. The purpose of this is to make the audience feel that the Empire is an evil force to produce credibility. With all the greys and dull colors, it gives a dark vibe. Another example of color is at the beginning of the film on the planet Tatooine. The colors are very soft and light displaying a welcoming feel. The color of the planet is orange and in most of the shots on the planet, there is a pink sunset in the sky that could represent hope. The light colors are tied with good forces so the film has credibility for the audience. Color plays a major role in visuals in Star wars.…show more content…
For example, on the Death Star, the troopers were dressed in protective clothing and masks which show they were not important and followed a leader. The costumes produced a feel that there would be fighting and war. The troopers costumes show credibility in the story. A second example is Darth Vaders Costume. He is the only one with a cape and it leads the audeince to think he is important. His all black costume also portrays darkness and this shows credibility because evil is usually associated with dark colors. Costumes are a visual element that Star Wars portrayed very
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