Visual Learning Research Paper

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Visual Learning
I am a visual learner, meaning I learn better seeing thing. Visual learner often see everything as a picture because it often help us get the point of the lesson and understand the concept of whatever I am working on. Visual learning is a style in which a learner utilizes graphs, charts, maps and diagrams. With being a visual learner I am going to let you know how seeing thing, and visualizing thing help easy my learning.
My learning style is Visual and 65% of humans are visual learners. In being a visual learner I remember what I read rather than what I heard. As a visual learner, I also have a good sense of direction and I am good at using maps. Some mediums and forms of comminutions for visual learner are art, articles, photography, video or film, design, and planning.
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( ) Another useful tool I use as a visual learner is making lists and highlighting the most important things in addition to having a planner so I can organize what needs to be done from beginning to end, the planner color is so I know where everything goes. This helps me to know everything is in its place according to how I have my planner set up. Being a visual learner is good for short-term or long-term memory. One of the ways I can ensure that the information I learn stays in my mind is to have meaningful images behind it. In Conclusion, with being a visual learner it helps out a lot and to me way more time consuming. Visual learner are good when it comes to remembering thing after first sight. I like being a visual learner because it helps me with studying and anything I would have to remember after first sight. Learning in the visual way is a good way for learning, as you can see over half of our country are visual
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