Visual Pollution: The Importance Of Visual Pollution In India

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Abstract— Generally neglected Visual Pollution is important part of urban studies. It is often left out in policy as it is quite difficult to measure visual pollution and aesthetics depend on people’s tastes. Unlike other types of pollutions it is also a subject to fewer regulations. Architects and façade designers complete their job and are out of the scene. Layman unaware of importance of visual quality needs to be sensitized, educated or enforced regarding the matter. Major market places or urban tourist attraction spots in our country are suffering from the ill that is visual imbalance due to advertisements of brands. Will people of India take the support of Brandalism for the urban aesthetics or the jurisdiction will take a smart step with emergence of smart cities. The aim of the paper is to discuss the various aspects of ill visual urban design in the context of advertisement boards & signage and the need of a strong policy against market visual pollution. The main argument that is focused on is that, these aspects of visual pollutions are shaped not only by the individual’s perspective, experience, need or values, but essential consideration should also count objective attributes of marketplaces, buildings and commercial signs and advertisements such as typography, order, complexity, and contrast. Importance of both visual uniformity and variance with objective approach is discussed. Everything is considered and brought up in Indian context, with various examples

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