Visual Rhetorical Analysis: A German Campaign

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A visual rhetoric is one’s ability to interpret what an image is trying to communicate. Several elements help communicate a message or accomplish a purpose. For example the background, text, font, color or shading being used. For my visual rhetorical analysis I chose an ad. In 2007 a German online recruiting website ran a marketing campaign called Jobs in Town. This German campaign combined a visual image with text to show what the wrong work environment can do to someone and inspiring the audience to find the perfect job for them. To begin with, the image induces an instant pity and sadness to the viewer. In the image there is a middle age man, extremely cramped inside the space of a gas station machine. The man looks miserable and exhausted while struggling to produce the gas that the machine provides. On the outside of the machine is…show more content…
The ad mostly relies in the picture to carry out the message. The image with the 7 simple word, “life’s too short for the wrong jobs” powerfully makes the viewer reconsider their own job. The words “Life’s too short for the wrong job” directly relates to the message being communicated through the image. Furthermore, the slogan contributes to the message rather than taking away or distracting the viewer from the image. The reason why the slogan has a great impact on the viewer is because, “life is too short” is a phrase we hear often. The slogan reminds us that precious time shouldn’t be wasted being unhappy. The slogan also directly relates to the age of the middle aged man inside the machine. Implying, that years have already been wasted and one should wait no longer and immediately get in contact with Thus, the slogan was necessary in order to convey the purpose of the image to targeted audience. The simplicity of the image combined with the text grabs the attention from the
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