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Writing this visual rhetorical analysis was a new experience and has helped me to become a better writer overall. This rhetorical analysis has taught me how to further analyze a directors use of ethos, logos, and pathos while critically watching or looking at any visual. For this assignment I learned how to analyze different film elements and how to use that to support my thesis. This paper has been a great learning experience and has been very beneficial. How did you come up with your thesis and develop support for it? In my visual rhetorical analysis my thesis was this paper will rhetorically analyze the directors use of ethos, logos, pathos to reach his intended audience. I supported my thesis by having my first three paragraphs be ethos,…show more content…
First of all, I had no idea where to start with my paper since I have never had to write a paper like this before. While watching the documentary I felt like there was way too much information for me to pick out what was important and what to leave out. I knew that I needed at least one or two film elements and the use of ethos, pathos, and logos. After watching the film a few times, I started to categorize everything that was going on in the film into those categories and it really helped organize my paper. Starting my paper became a challenge. I knew what I wanted to be the main points of my paper but I didn’t know how to exactly use ethos, pathos, and logos when it was a film I was analyzing instead of a text. Proofreading is still one of the things that I struggle most with in any paper. While writing my rough draft, I tend to get ahead of myself and just go on to tangents. When I proofread my own work I may not catch on to all the little grammar errors. The in class proofreading sessions have really helped me understand just what areas of my paper that I either need to look at again or where I am lacking in support. Overall, these were a few of the things that I struggled with while writing my visual rhetorical
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