Vital Tea Case Study

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Introduction of all the departments :
Following departments are working in the company:
1. Administration:
Efficient management of all administrative affairs is the job of the Administration department. From legal matters to general day-to-day operations of the office, the Administration department ensures that all affairs run smoothly.
2. Finance and Accounts:
The Finance and Accounting departments are responsible for the total financial management of the different businesses of the company. From the usual accounting statements and sheets, budgeting and cash management, the team ensures that every rupee coming into and out of the Companies' pockets is properly documented. Finance Department plays a vital role in the organization to meet the
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Branding Department:
Due to the intense competition on national level company needs branding for its long term survival, getting competitive edge & communicates its message more widely to audience. In the beginning, Vital Tea hired the services of advertising agencies (mainly Blitz Advertising) for branding and promotion of its brands but these advertising companies were not able to develop the image of company in proper way and couldn‘t provide clear picture of brand. To overcome these problems in 2007, Vital tea developed its own branding department consisting of 4 employees under the supervision of Director Business Development.

Organizational Structure:
The overall organizational structure of the company is well established and works effectively. Vital tea always have the strong focus for developing the unique feature, values and association with their all product and company communicated these values within the organization. Company’s core values are:
• Mutual respect, honesty and integrity are cornerstones of company.
• Striving for high customer and employee satisfaction.
• Diversity among workforce.
• Promote open Communication and teamwork
Vital tea is also highly concern with these values because these values represent the belief of the
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Documents that are main evidence or original records of company
2. Journal Entries
3. Subsidiary Ledgers
• It is important to keep accounting records as up to date as possible instead of leaving everything to a month-end rush.

In second week, I was asked to learn how to use software to maintain accounts In this era of computer technology, all system is computerized and for recording of all accounting data, accounting software are used. Now I was asked to understand and get a grip on software and learn how to use them. I managed to understand the flow of transaction, preparation of vouchers and ledger posting. Under the supervision of accounts officer I learnt to prepare different types of vouchers and posting them. Vouchers are written evidence of any business transaction. Following types of vouchers I learned to prepare:
1. Bank payment/Receipt vouchers
2. Cash payment/Receipt vouchers
3. Sale/purchase vouchers
4. Journal

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