Vitamin C Titration Lab Report

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This lab was conducted in order to calculate the mass of vitamin C content to determine which fruit is enriched with vitamin C that can be taken in voyages. This task was performed by titration of vitamin C in given fruits followed by standardization of iodine solution. Standardization of iodine solution was done with known amount of vitamin C tablet and using fresh fruit juice did vitamin C titration. Consequently, the class average was taken of calculated mass of fruit and mass of vitamin C content. Then, those averages were used in calculations to find, which fruit is enriched with vitamin C and how much of the suggested fruit should be taken in voyages by comparing the weight and total number of fruits. Eventually, mandarin orange
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Vitamin C titration is needed to perform this task in addition to standardizing of Iodine solution. This titration method is a redox reaction with potassium iodate in the presence of potassium iodide (Helmenstine, n.d.). The end point of the titration can be understood by the color change during titration. In this experiment, the addition of iodine to vitamin C in acidic solution with the presence of starch was stopped once color of solution started to change dark purple color from colorless…show more content…
This experiment was done by using a mandarin orange. First, a mandarin orange was peeled off and squeezed to get 30ml of its juice in a beaker. Next, the juice was diluted with distilled water to get a measured volume of 50ml solution. After dilution, the solution was transferred into a 100ml Erlenmeyer flask. As it was done in the Experiment A, 20 drops of 0.2 M acetic acid and 10 drops of 2% starch solution was mixed well with the juice solution. Before adding the iodine solution, the initial reading of the burette was taken. Then, the titration was started using the iodine solution into the burette with continuous swirling of the flask slowly and carefully. Once the color change started to appear, titration was stopped and final burette reading was recorded. Finally, the amount of vitamin C in the mandarin orange was calculated by using the standardization factor and used iodine solution. Eventually, from the results from other groups, the vitamin C enriched was determined to suggest in the voyages. The related equation for the titration of vitamin C with iodine is given
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