Vitargo Research Paper

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The Facts on Waxy Maize, Vitargo, and other carb sources
As found on Muscular Development Magazine

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A few years back a bunch of studies supported the concept that both the timing and type of carbohydrate athletes used could have positive effects – for both aerobic and anaerobic oriented athletes. Since then there has been a rush to find the “best” pre and post workout carb source. As is typical for the bodybuilding/fitness industry, a new “miracle” carb source burst onto the market almost monthly promising muscle growth second only to an Anadrol* enema, but I digress… The point being, there’s been a great deal of information, misinformation, and down right disinformation, regarding these “amazing miracle anabolic” carb sources. The
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Vitargo, and why sellers of WMS have taken advantage of that fact. Vitargo can be derived from WMS, so they are essentially the same thing right? Wrong. Vitargo can be derived from WMS, potatoes, rice, wheat, and other sources, so even if WMS is used as the starting source, it’s a very different starch as the finished product. If one reads the patent on Vitargo***** there is a very interesting statement made which is on testing, “it will be found there have occurred novel types of bonds which do not occur traditionally in native starch.” What that means is, it’s a starch not normally found in nature and is structurally and functionally different than the starch source it was derived from. A true “designer starch” if you will, which appears to be optimally designed to favor the rapid formation of…show more content…
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*= Anadrol, the brand name for a powerful oral anabolic steroid.

** = The GI of a carb is not the only factor responsible for the benefits of various post/pre workout carbs.

***= A “resistant starch” is resistant to digestive enzymes that break down starch into glucose for absorption. This study used a resistant starch that was 100% pure amylose.

**** = 60 min cycling at 75% VO2 max followed by 6X 1min sprints at 125% VO2 max with 1 minute rest between sprints.

***** = US Patent # 5,929,052

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