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Vitiligo is a genetic phenomenon that relates to gene structure because of an abnormality of the vitiligo melanocytes. These melanocytes develops from a defect in the immune system. Because of this defect, skin depigmentation is caused. In Vitiligo, the melanocytes components target the immune system. Because of this destruction of the immune system, vitiligo affects the coloration of body features (Ben, 2014). These body features include the eyes, the skin, and the hair. But, given this disease’s visibility, vitiligo can have psychological effects. These effects are issues such as dropped self- esteem, being teased and made fun of by others, and social anxiety (Isenstein, 2009). Vitiligo can be provoked by stress, sunburn, or exposure to certain chemicals. However, patches of depigmented skin and hair are caused by the autoimmune destruction of epidermal melanocytes (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2014).
Stress, contaminations, genetic vulnerability, and neural irregularities have been seen as indications of vitiligo; however, the main cause of vitiligo is identified as an
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If the cells that are supposed to be producing melanin stop working then vitiligo most likely occurs. Vitiligo can affect people with any color of skin, but the noticeability is more likely with those who obtain darker skin. Vitiligo cannot spread like a flu can, but it can cause a person who has it to be stressed because of the visibility of the disease. These are what are known as psychological effects. Because of the very distinct visibility of the white patches from this disease, people who have it can start having a drop in their self- esteem, they can start to get teased and made fun of by others, and they can start getting social anxiety. Besides the psychological distress of this disease, people are more likely to have higher risks in sunburns or skin cancer, hearing loss, and itchy or dry skin (Mayo Clinic Staff,

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