In Vitro Fertilization Research Paper

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GE 2311 Technology and Society Term paper Topic: In Vitro Fertilization (Human) Name: Ma Sin Yung SID: 54069881 A. Introduction In Vitro Fertilization is a reproductive technology that involves combining an egg cell with sperm cell in a laboratory dish. Then the embryo is implanted in the uterus of a woman for development. The world’s first success test-tube baby was born in UK in 1978. This technology helps people who are homosexual, infertile or too busy to get pregnant. There are some reasons that may cause infertile for female and male. Some females may have problems with ovulation or antibody problems that harm ovules, in fact, some males may have weak production of sperm or even no sperm. B. Social Impacts I. Positive…show more content…
Ethical Issues I. Religion In Buddhism perspective, the three poisons should be avoid which includes greed, anger and foolish. Buddhism points out that “Greedy desire is endless and therefore can never be satisfied. The lesser the greedy desire, the happier and more satisfied we are”. In fact, greed is involved in IVF. People desire to have babies by IVF which is a behavior of greed, because of never having enough. If the technology is failed, people may feel unhappy. In Catholicism perspective, it advocates sanctity of life. For narrow-minded catholic, they believe that child as a gift from God. Therefore, every livings should be born in natural way rather than using technology. They claimed that doctors and scientists are playing God to be creator. For open-minded catholic, they think that no matter how that child is born, everyone is precious in God’s eyes. Some may concern that there would be three parents for the IVF child. They may see the donor as a father or a mother, as they may think that there is a genetic relationship between the donor and the child. However, I think a parent should be the one who has relationship with the child and bring the child up, but not the person who only provide their eggs or
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