Vivaldi Four Seasons Research Paper

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It’s not uncommon for classical music lovers to listen to songs without knowing their names, but for songs that I have been familiar with for the most of my life, it’s a bit dismaying that I only learned their names a few years ago. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons has managed to sneak into most aspects of my life. From “Spring” that played during “quiet time” at my elementary school to “Autumn” that played while I watched in Pretty Woman, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons became an omnipresent accompaniment in my life without my knowledge. Growing up, my mother encouraged musical exploration. My sister chose the violin and joined orchestra in high school. She never practiced at home, so my only encounters with string instruments occurred during her winter…show more content…
Unsurprisingly, my online search came up with mostly classical playlists. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but I decided to give it a try, thinking it would help me concentrate. For the most part, I let the music fade into the background, but I soon became distracted when I found myself feeling nostalgic as “Spring” began to play quietly. I tried to ignore it and let the playlist continue, only to once again be surprised by my unconscious recognition of “Autumn” as well. After a few more minutes, I was rendered incapable of completing my work. “Winter” built up so intensely that my assignment was no longer my focus; instead, it was the overwhelming feeling of approaching dread that invaded my entire being. As sudden as its start, the fast-paced climax that followed relieved the upward battle of uneasiness, and I knew I was hooked. Dark but exhilarating, “Winter” was everything one would expect in a captivating thriller movie. The manipulation of my feelings from anxiety to excitement back to the peace that was reached at the end of “Autumn” reminded me of the days when I went to watch my sister
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