Vivaldi's Four Concertos

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Janine Jansen and the Amsterdam Sinfonietta performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam exquisitely rendered Antonio Vivaldi’s composition. The performance featured all twelve movement broken up into four concertos. The concert featured mainly instruments from the stringed family and one harpsichord. The performance exhibited the various musical concepts envisioned by Vivaldi. Ultimately, the angelic talent of Janine Jansen gifted the audience with a breathtaking rendition. Janine Jansen’s performance included all 12 movements of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. The first concerto “La primavera” or Spring which featured 3 movements Allegro, Largo, and Allegro Pastorale. The Second concerto’s movement “L 'estate” or Summer and featured three movements Allegro non molto, Adagio, and Presto. The third movement “L’autunno” or Fall featured three movements Allegro, Adagio Molto, and Allegro which brought the concert tempo up once more. The fourth concerto “L’inverno” or Winter features the movements Allegro non molto, Largo, and Allegro. After listening to the concert it became clear that each of the concertos began with a fast movement first, a slow tempo movement second, and finished off with a fast movement. Vivaldi’s Four…show more content…
For instance in the first movement Allegro of the concerto “La primavera,” there represent clear examples of cadence and syncopation. Next, the opening of movement three of the concerto “L 'estate” begins in monophony, with all of the instruments playing the same part, soon after the movement transitions to homophony. Third, the beginning of movement one of concerto three “L’autunno” or autumn represents ritornello form by continually returning back to a set of notes. Lastly, the end of the second movement of the concerto “L’inverno” exhibits Ritardando by slowing down at the end of the
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